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Nonton Film Queen Inhyun’s Man (2012)

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FILM DETAILS Added 4 years ago
Nonton Film Queen Inhyun’s Man (2012)

Nonton Film Queen Inhyun’s Man (2012)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, K-Series, Korea, Romance

IMDB rating: 8.3/10 from 283 users

Stars: 2012

Sinopsis: Hyo-Seob Eom, Hyun-Woo Ji, Dal-hwan Jo,

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“Nonton Film Queen Inhyun’s Man (2012)” 5 comment
  1. Rita - 3 years ago

    in front of Gongmin, that person aaylws comes first . Another question :Host Besides acting, what others do you want to challenge? LMH Dancing. I feel my dance is not bad but fans are making fun of me so I won’t dance anymore. Haha.. I remember when eun soo took a flower and put it on his ear, see how his reaction when eun soo laughed at him.Last question :Host Do you know you are very handsome and have a good figure. How do you maintain it? LMH : Fans told me I am nice looking so i remember it. Remember how choi young cleaned up him self from blood before seeing eun soo.Some characters daejang or incident on faith turns out there at LMH. By watching how he treats a woman, his attitudes, his smile and body languages, I think LMH is a very kind and warm person, people around him must love him so much. Just like wudalchi love him and adore him.Shall I could erase the shadow of daejang by seeing LMH in real life? I really miss him.Ohh Joonni, I’m so easy to get addiction, and it takes so much energy, that’s why I won’t watch KDrama for a few while, maybe I will wait LMH next project on early 2013. Please be sure you would recap it. Haha.. Can I not watch another drama? Love you Joonni, you too Softy. You two won’t be easy to be forgotten, as I won’t be able to forget LMH, haha.. (Big hug!)

  2. Mosa - 3 years ago

    About the many missing scnees from the script that writer Song replied to this way: “Ah…I just took sleeping pills after I watched the episode yesterday and went to sleep. I’m just thinking that the filming situation must have been difficult…that they didn’t have time.”This cracked me up. (lol) I think Ms. Song is a kind of “matter-of-fact” person who also would rather give a straightforward answers (much like her main character CY) than elaborate on the why’s—and you translated it in one of her answers describing CY as “succinct.”I tried to search what the legal case was with “Dr. Jin” in particular but I didn’t find any English article about it. I saw its trailer but haven’t watched the drama yet (but now I’m intrigued). What was really the issue about apart from a similar time-travel theme for Faith to be cut short(er) than how it would have been?? BTW, thanks so much for your diligence in translating this. Hope your wrist is better now that you don’t have to keep up with the pressure of Faith.

  3. Ami - 3 years ago

    Don’t think too much is what I have to tell myself. Just enjoy the story, Lee min ho and the cast’s prrnoemafce. For instance, if faith causes the portal to take one ES in and rejected KC, and the hesitation puts her in a different time when she tried to return, then I don’t understand how Choi Young was able to bring ES through the first time. He had faith and nothing to lose but she did not. She was grabbed.I was very affected by the reactions and emotions shown at the time they went through the first time. No matter how good looking he is, he is a psycho to ES. He has known himself to be righteous and noble but had to do all this to her, grabbing and carrying her off. Choi Young would not harm anyone just like that but had to go through with it. Choi Young had killed many people. But I haven’t see KC or DC killing as many. Twisted.

  4. Khaled - 3 years ago

    “Even if you live one day, love.” : />I really love that. I think the preolbm lies with the low ratings, hence the reception of the Korean audience dictated their budget so as Writer Song put it, she can’t be always sure that what she wrote would be possible to film for the production team. I understand that. Besides, we shouldn’t blame them all the time, they insisted on kisses so we should be thankful for those kind of touches, right? Hihi.I’m waiting for the Faith novel so I’ll grasp Writer Song’s complete picture of Choi Young and Eun Soo’s story. (Joonni, since you’re translating most of Faith-related stuff, can you help us also with this? It’s a bit too shameless on my part, considering the amount of work that would require but can you consider that for us? Even if you say no, still a million thanks. I am indebted to you for your hard work, so to show my appreciation, I would soon start watching Queen InHyun’s Man, your first recap project here.)

  5. Samiullah - 3 years ago

    I’m really enojniyg reading the q&a with writer Song. I find it interesting that she wasn’t in love with her character of CY like the writer of QIHM. How could she not fall in love with a guy like CY?! I also thought it was cute that they were wanting more kiss scenes didn’t we all. LOL. I wonder how this story even came to her. Whether it was from a novel, real people, or a drama .what was it that sparked her interest and compelled her to in write Faith. Maybe it is in q&a part III?I think it is very touching that the message she wantd to impart to her readers/the viewers was that we are to live each day lovingly. That is really beautiful. It would be so awesome if she is doing a book signing for the novel when we are in Korea!